Gamer words and gamer slang explained

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In this guide you can read about the following topics – just click the link below and find the definition you are searching for!

We made this guide, so you’ll know exactly what you nerd-buddy says next time they throw something like “Wow this NPC in the new MMORPG I’m playing is so broken WTF”

What type of gamer word are you looking for?

In-game words

In-game words covers examples of words that are used as part of the game, not including slang-words, but including abbreviations.

AddsAdditional monsters for instance in a boss battle
AggroForcing the opponent to focus you
AoEArea of effect
BoABind on account
BoEBind on equip
Buff / DebuffSomething that gives you extra stats/power, buffs can either come from other players or in game objects or quests
CampStaying in the same place, usually with a sniper
CDCooldown – the time before spells and attacks are ready again
DPSDamage per second
DungeonA place you can run through as a team
EXP / XPExperience. Used for levelling up characters
GrindPlaying something over and over many time to achieve something
HPHealth points
KDAKills, deaths, assists
KDRKill death ratio
LagWhen the game freezes due to slow internet
LootThe presents you get after killing enemies
MobsA mob is a computer controlled friend or enemy
NPCNon-player character
PingA way of making a mark on the map that notifies other friendly players
PvEPlayer vs environment
PvPPlayer vs player
RaidA mission completed along with other players
SkinA cosmetic makeover for your character – like a costume.
TagA pattern or image you can make to show others you’ve been in certain areas of the map or to promote your team in games.

Gamer slang

Below we tried to cover some of the most common slang gamers use in the biggest games. Feel free to send us your suggestions if you feel like we missed some.

Word Definition In a sentence
GG / BG Good game / Bad game GG everyone WP
WP Well played Sick dude! WP!
FF Forfeit They are so fed… FF
Noob Someone who is playing like they are trying the game for the first time You are such a noob
Lol Laughing out loud Lol that dwarf looks like a horse
EZ Easy, as in, it was easy playing against you GG EZ
Wooden pc Slow loading pc Are you playing on a wooden pc?
OP Overpowered This new item is so OP!
Feeder Someone who is dying too much and/or on purpose Stop feeding you m*f* feeder
Broken When something is so overpowered it breaks the game That new char is so broken
Smurf A person playing on an extra account they have, placed lower than their main account I’m a smurf from diamond
QQ A way of typing in the crying smiley QQ he killed me

Genres of games

It can be hard to navigate in the many genres of games today and their abbreviations aswell. Figure out what your nerdy friend just said below 🙂

Genre Subgenres Examples
Action Platform, Shooters, Fighting, Beat ’em up, Stealth, Survival, Battle Royal and Rhythm games. CS:GO, Battlefield, Call of duty, Fortnite
Action-adventure Survival horror and Metroidvania. Zelda, Final Fantasy
Adventure Text adventures, Graphic adventures, Visual novels, Interactive movie and Real-time 3D adventures. Minecraft
Role-playing Action RPG, 2MMORPG, Roguelikes, Tactical RPG, Sandbox RPG, First-person party-based RPG, 7JRPG and Monster Tamer. World of Warcraft (MMORPG)
Simulation Construction and management simulation, Life simulation and Vehicle simulation Sims
Strategy 4X game, Artillery game, Auto battler (Auto chess), Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), Real-time strategy (RTS), Real-time tactics (RTT), Tower defense, Turn-based strategy (TBS), Turn-based tactics (TBT) Wargame and Grand strategy wargame League of Legends, Smite, Heroes of the Storm, Dota
Sports Racing, Sports game, Competitive and Sports-based fighting. GTA, Maria Kart, FIFA
MMO MMORPG, MMOFPS, MMORTS, MMOTBS and MMO simulation games Minecraft, Word of Warcraft (MMORPG)


ESBR-rating is the guideline for what age group games are suggested for. This is what you need to check before buying Zombie Blood Brain Basher Cannibal edition for your 3 year old nephew.

ECEarly childhood (0-5)
EEveryone (0-?)
E10+Everyone 10+ (10+)
TTeen (13+)
MMature (17+)
AOAdults only (18+)
RPRating pending (Rating not set)
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