How to become af Pro gamer in 10 steps

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Step 1: Play as much as you can.

If you want to be the best, you got to practice like the best. Everyday millions of gamers literally spend all their days playing and practicing. If you want to keep up, you must train like a pro. Repetition is the best way to be able to start predicting outcomes and knowing matchups.

The more you play and pay attention to detail, obviously, the better you will perform.

Step 2: Specialize and become the best at your role.

Just like in sports everyone has a specific role in most of the big games today. It is silly to think you can be the best at all positions, so play into your strengths as a gamer and become good at what suits your gaming style. So, decide – do you perform better as a support character or are you made for DPS?

Step 3: Check out the competition and stay updated.

If you want to improve it helps seeing how other people think and play. Find people that excel at what you want to do and learn from them. Following people on YouTube, Twitter and other platforms can be super helpful and will for sure improve your game.

That goes no matter if you want to be better at building in Fortnite, become better at CS:GO tactics or improve your teamwork tactics in League of Legends.

Step 4: Make sure you setup is up to date.

Every second counts. Loading slowly or having lag will affect your performance. A great setup will make you more eager to play – just like a new guitar makes a guitarist practice more. Passion is very important in terms of reaching your goals and for most gamers the setup does matter.

Step 5: Control you temper.

When we get angry, we make mistakes. Maybe we start fights with team members that moves focus from the actual game and tactics. Moving your focus will allow the competitors to take advantage.

So, try to always control your temper. Remember, happy teammates create a good atmosphere and teamwork can sometimes change losses into victories. Maybe it wont change the outcome, but getting great ranks is about micro-tactics and the sum of all the small decisions we make – they accumulate and become big factors in your way to the top.

Step 6: Ride the wave of stats.

Ask yourself, are you playing to have fun or to reach the top? Many times, we tend to play characters and roles that are new to us, for the fun of it. It can be fun exploring, but if you want to reach the top, then follow your stats; win/lose, KDA, damage done etc. – are you performing best with the characters you think? There might be some surprises hidden, a character you have overlooked, certain items that make you perform better.

If you want to keep exploring and having fun, then do it on a separate character/user, so that the profile you use for ranking is only used with your top-performing strategies.

Step 7: Make relevant people know you exist.

Counting both mobile gaming and PC gaming there are over 2.5 billion gamers on the planet. Therefor you must stand out. It is not enough to just be good, there are many good people out there. If you are doing good, start a stream and practice having people looking at you and feeling natural in front of a camera.

Being a pro-gamer is not just about winning competitions – it is also about followers, subscribers and those are the people paying your rent – through views, clicks, likes and more. Nurture them and make your audience grow. Having fun is a great way to make people want to watch you more, so do not be too stiff. Have fun with it – even when you lose.

Step 8: Find a team.

Most bigger games today are team-based. So obviously to become pros we must train teamwork. That is hard to do alone. Try to find like-minded people, that understand what you want to achieve. Make a plan together as a team for what you want to achieve.

Some bigger pro teams live together and practice every day. They train long hours to adapt to different situations and to adapt to each other’s playstyles. So, if you want to be the best, find a team and talk openly about your goals on a personal level and on a team basis.

Step 9: Compete and get seen.

Playing against random matchups and actual teams that practice together is a BIG difference. So sign up for competitions and practice with others, so that you understand the dynamic in a team no matter what game you play. A good gamer understands, that the team comes first – always.

Step 10: It’s a grind!

To reach the top you have to play a lot of games. Choose characters and/or setups, that you on average perform the best with and the play it until your fingers bleed. Not litterally – but almost.

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