Patch v11.10 buffs

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Riot has released patch notes on patch 11.10, in this article you can get a brief overview of the highlights in terms of buffs, nerfs and new content releases.


A total of 5 characters have been buffed in the recent patch. Good news for players who enjoy playing; Kayle, Kennen, Lux, Yuumi and Zyra.


Kayle as a character has been left out of the meta. Lately she has been too weak across all levels to throw a proper punch, so luckily this patch has brought a significant buff for Kayle, so she can once again rain down damage from above.


Kennen similar to Kayle needed a little help to be able to outdo hos opponents in the toplane. To change this Kennen has received af much needed AP buff on W – Electrical Surge. This will hopefully improve the early game for the little ninja and thereby also improving possibilities of snowballing earlier in the game.


Lux needed some extra firepower to ensure both farm in the mid-lane and to improve possibilities of playing a aggressive support-laner, that can outperform her peers.


Yuumi has had some issues and often gets overlooked in support-lane due to her passive presence. Therefor the kitty has received a buff, that allows her to poke harder and by doing that controlling the lane better with her marksman. Kitty just got claws.


Zyra has received a minor buff in this patch, which means a little extra uptime on plants and a little more damage. Nothing big, as Riot puts it more bang for her bud 🙂

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